Celebration Matters

  • 30 is the new 15, the double Quince trend that we're 100% behind

    A Quinceañera is a celebration that honors a young girl's journey into womanhood. It is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the past, present, and future of the Quinceañera. But what happens if you can't afford a Quinceañera or if the timing at 14 years old is just not right for such a big event? Well, let us introduce you to "double quinces" aka Double 15's. 

  • 5 women-owned brands that are crushing the cannabis industry

    Gone are the days when tie-dye and Bob Marley were the only emblems of cannabis. Today, women-owned brands create cannabis products that make you look and say "What is that?" - truly a work of art.
  • FREE Phone Wallpapers you didn't know you needed to boost your mood

    It's important to celebrate life's big and small moments to make the most out of our experiences. Here's a little something to remind you to celebrate life - your way! Download your favorite Rumbita Phone Wallpaper. 
  • Why celebrating is so important and good for you

    When we stop to acknowledge a special moment, it gives us a new found appreciation for life. Not only does it make us feel good but it allows us to nurture our relationships (even the one with ourselves). If you ask us, we think life should be cheered on everyday. Here’s why
  • 3 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate What Matters to You

    Commemorating a special moment in our lives shouldn’t be cookie-cutter. It should be effortless, personal and what you want it to be. We’re sharing three unconventional ways to celebrate what’s important in your lives.
  • A "High Maintenance" 4/20 Celebration

    Cannabis culture has been stigmatized for decades, but if you ask us it’s another opportunity to celebrate what matters to you. Whether you’re a seasoned 4/20 celebrator or a CBD newbie, we’re here to give you some ideas that come “highly” recommended by yours truly.
  • 5 Non-Birthday Occasions to Celebrate

    Growing up, major milestones have been a part of our celebratory routines. In fact, we probably can’t even count just how many birthday parties we’ve been to.
  • Women Celebrating Women — A Galentine’s Day to Remember

    Picture this. Candles are lit and your favorite Spotify playlist is on. A bottle of crisp prosecco is chilling on ice along with a bowl of strawberries to adorn your drink with.
  • The Bamboo Plate: Unique, Sustainable and Beautiful

    This holiday season we’re encouraging you to use plastic alternatives and practice zero waste solutions by using our famously elegant bamboo plates.
  • Why Celebrating is so Important, Especially in 2021

    At Rumbita, we believe in creating a culture of joy and gratitude in your home, office, even online through FaceTime and Zoom celebrations.
  • Five Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch to Beeswax Candles

    A celebration is never complete without the perfect candles. Make that moment even more unforgettable with Rumbita’s Beeswax Candles.