5 Non-Birthday Occasions to Celebrate

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Growing up, major milestones have been a part of our celebratory routines. In fact, we probably can’t even count just how many birthday parties we’ve been to. We mark anniversaries on our calendar like no other — first date, first kiss or even first day on the job. When graduations roll around, we invite the family, buy a car, dress to impress and take photos that’ll live on our mantle forever. But how many times have we stopped to celebrate moments that are off the beaten path. Moments that no one has necessarily told us to celebrate, or moments that have even been stigmatized as ones that we shouldn’t be proud of. 

Well, we say screw that. We want to celebrate the good, the big and the unexpected. If it’s meaningful to us, that’s all the reason we need. Here are some non-birthday occasions to celebrate:


Women: The month of March is entirely dedicated to women with International Women’s Day spotlighting the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of badass females around the world. But why stop there? We’re all about women celebrating women. Gone are the days when women would be pit against one another. Instead, we’re all about uplifting our sisters and shouting them out. Let’s make it a point to honor ourselves year-round. Whether supporting women-led businesses (ehm) or being intentional about purchasing items made by women (ehm ehm), celebrating women doesn’t take much. 


Coming out: There’s nothing more special than fully embracing who you are. Coming out and stepping into your truth — whether you’re gay, transgender, non-binary or about to embark on your transition — is more than deserving of a celebration. Even if that’s not the journey you’re on, let’s acknowledge someone else’s journey and be supportive. Host a get-together celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and their true identities.

celebrate breakup

Breakups: Yes, you read that right. Sure, breakups can be sad. But at times they’re a blessing in disguise or even a relief. Leaving that toxic relationship or walking away from a marriage that just isn’t working is nothing to be ashamed of. How many times have we dreaded having to go back and delete photos with our (former) significant others? Well, we’re here to declare that there’s cause for celebration when a relationship fizzles. Especially when it’s not serving us. Let’s honor our independence and love ourselves, especially when it’s just us. 

Celebrate Cheers

Quitting your job: We know, kind of a bold statement to make right? But we’re big believers in making big moves, and quitting your job is kind of a big deal. We might be moving on to greater pastures with another company, taking a break to travel, using your Fuck You money, considering a career change or embarking on entrepreneurship. Whatever the reason or the season, it takes guts and courage to leave behind a job we’ve grown comfortable in. Change is never easy, but should be fully celebrated. 

Celebrate moving

New move: Making moves (literally) is a moment to remember and honor. No matter the reason behind the decision to move to a new home, town or even country, we’re all for turning this into a celebration. A new move is a new chapter, period. And lots of opportunities come with closing the book on one chapter, and opening another. So, let’s honor old endings and new beginnings. 

What are you celebrating that’s unconventional? We’d love to hear your story and be a part of it.

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