5 women-owned brands that are crushing the cannabis industry

Gone are the days when tie-dye and Bob Marley were the only emblems of cannabis. Today, women-owned brands create cannabis products that make you look and say "What is that?" - truly a work of art. It will make you question between a bong and a flower vase, a pipe and a sculpture, and bring back a 1920’s luxury-feel of smoking  minus the nicotine. 

Ultimately, celebrating cannabis and women is about recognizing the value and impact of both in our lives. By doing so, we can help create a more inclusive and supportive cannabis culture for everyone, and remove the stigma between women and cannabis use. Join us in celebrating this intersection by showing some love to these brands that are changing the game of women and cannabis:

1. Forbidden Flowers - unapologetically sexy, cheeky and fully free-spirited


2. Edie Parker - unites the love for fashion, flowers, and fun


3. Allume - take chill to a whole new level with their cannabis-inspired loungewear


4. Sackville & Co - creates smoking accessories that look as good as they make you feel

5. Cha Cha Chainz - is your home for high-end glassware, bringing back the glamorous joint-holding Stellas


If you're looking for an extra sparkle in your rolling experience, a coffee table statement piece, or another "What is that?" moment,  check out our Rumbita Rolling Tray. Created as a multipurpose accessory that can enhance your smoking experience in several ways. Apart from being a convenient surface for rolling joints or packing bowls, it can also serve as a storage container for your crystals and jewelry. Additionally, it can double as a serving tray for snacks or drinks while you enjoy your smoke session - winning!


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