A "High Maintenance" 4/20 Celebration

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Cannabis culture has been stigmatized for decades, but if you ask us it’s another opportunity to celebrate what matters to you. Whether you’re a seasoned 4/20 celebrator or a CBD newbie, we’re here to give you some ideas that come “highly” recommended by yours truly. 

What is 4/20 anyway?

Let’s break it down real quick.s. 4/20 in short is a holiday celebrating marijuana every year on April 20. The once infamous holiday has now turned into a widely-celebrated one. While it’s still pretty offbeat, it’s become a tradition for cannabis enthusiasts around the world. It might not be a bank holiday (yet), but if it matters to you then that’s all that matters. 

How to celebrate 4/20? 

Even if we’re keeping it small and intimate, let’s not be basic. If you’re looking to throw a 4/20 shindig, we’ve come up with a list full of awesome inspo to kickstart your planning. 

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Ease into it: It may be your first-time celebrating 4/20, or maybe you’re fairly new to the weed scene. Either way you can still indulge in the pleasures of cannabis with the endless options CBD offers. While it may not get you high, it does come with its own perks like anti-inflammation, reducing stress and more. Make it fun by hosting a “sparty” with your girls and sample CBD facial oils or lip balms for some luscious lip therapy. Try out some hydrating CBD lotions or even indulge in a warm CBD bath. 

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Roll with it: For some cannabis lovers, there is nothing like keeping it old school with a perfectly rolled joint.  If you prefer your Mary J tightly packed and rolled into a crisp joint, then you’ll appreciate the art of rolling. Take turns rolling with the homies. Who said it needs to be messy? If you’re anything like us you’ll appreciate an extra touch of glam so keep it cute and classy with our High Maintenance Gold Leaf Rolling Tray.


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Foodie vibes:  

Whether you’re smoking or nibbling on some edibles, food is a must on this day. What better time than 4/20 to make some seriously tasty cannabis edibles at home. There’s something to be said about edibles — they hit harder, last longer and guarantee ultimate relaxation. And if you like to indulge in a little flavor, cooking up some edibles of your own will make this 4/20 F-U-N. You can go all out and create multiple dishes  with a THC infused olive oil. Or opt for a baked gooey goodness with weed brownies, cannabis choc-chip cookies or a pot pizza party. Keep the green vibe going with the use of our eco-friendly plates to elevate your spread. Last but not least, play homage to the OG classics, one of our faves is  Dazed and Confused.

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Get involved: While major strides have been made in decriminalizing marijuana, there’s still a long way to go. Be part of the movement by sharing your experiences or educating someone who may have a different perspective on weed. Read up on the history of the industry, how legalization is sweeping the nation and where it’s headed. Find resources you can share with others to help shake that negative perception of cannabis.

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When all is said and done, 4/20 is a time to celebrate a growing culture that is all about high vibes and good times. We’re here for it, and whatever that may look like for you, don’t miss out on spreading the love and celebrating life together. 

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