3 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate What Matters to You

Celebrating isn’t something new. We’ve been doing it our whole lives from our first birthday party to our graduation or even our anniversaries. In fact, it’s probably become routine. Create the invite, buy a gift, stock up on plates and utensils, order the cake, buy the candles and repeat. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, we think there’s something beautiful and memorable about breaking out of the box and doing it differently. Commemorating a special moment in our lives shouldn’t be cookie-cutter. It should be effortless, personal and what you want it to be. 

We’re sharing three unconventional ways to celebrate what’s important in your lives:

Ditch the gifts 

We’re not going to lie, we love gifts. But it’s not really about the material “stuff” for us. It’s about the meaning behind it. For your next gathering, ask your guests to ditch the traditional gift and have them bring something different — their great grandmother’s recipe, a favorite book they just finished reading or that dress they bought two years ago that still has the tag on. Pick a cause and ask your guests to donate what they would have spent on a gift towards a charity or effort. 

Go green

We love the environment and think everyone needs to do their part. Don’t just put the environment first on Earth Day. Make an effort to host an all-green gathering. Not only will you feel more responsible, but you’ll be getting your friends in on the action too. Opt for paper straws, not plastic ones. Use boxed water or filtered water instead of bottled. Recycle when you’re doing the clean-up. Use sustainable and eco-friendly products like these bamboo plates or handmade wax candles

Go off the calendar

If we asked you to list the things that matter the most to you, how many of those moments do you make a point to celebrate? Maybe you’re used to zeroing in on the typical, on-the-calendar moments like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. But if something that’s not on the calendar is important to you, we say mark it on there as a celebratory moment. Invested in your first house plant? Yes, plant mama! Celebrate that. Started a new fitness routine? Get it boo, celebrate that. Adopted a senior dog? For the love of God, please celebrate that.

Traditions are great but breaking out of the mold every once in a while is needed. Choose to spice up your celebrations by doing things differently and trying something new with your closest friends. 

Got any unconventional ideas of your own? We’d love to hear them!

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