Why celebrating is so important and good for you

When we stop to acknowledge a special moment, it gives us a new found appreciation for life. Not only does it make us feel good but it allows us to nurture our relationships (even the one with ourselves). If you ask us, we think life should be cheered on everyday. Here’s why...

Attitude of gratitude: When we take the time to pause and acknowledge all the wins in our lives, it gives us an attitude of gratitude. What we tend to think of as “small” wins are actually big ones if they are meaningful to us, and that’s up to us to decide. Being thankful helps us live in the present and reflect on what we do have, instead of focusing our energy on what we don’t have yet. When we cultivate a daily sense of gratitude and celebration, we find renewed strength and energy to keep doing this beautiful thing called life.

Enhancing relationships: Adopting a celebration mindset is key to enriching our relationships. Ultimately, we reap what we sow. Whatever we put into our relationships will be multiplied tenfold back to us. When we take the time to prioritize our relationships and celebrate the people we love in our lives, we deepen our connections. Life is much better when it’s lived with others. It’s not about having the biggest circle, it’s about having the strongest one.

New connections: The best relationships are sometimes the most unexpected ones. When we open ourselves up to new connections, we gain a different perspective. Expanding our horizons and trying something new (or someone new we should say) is the best way to evolve. Not only can we discover new things about ourselves, but we can meet someone who adds so much value to our lives. Celebrations and get-togethers are a great way to meet new people. Be intentional about asking your guests to bring a new friend to your weekly brunch or invite a coworker to your tight knit book club. 

Building memories: Our earliest memories can form around 2 years old. Life is essentially a series of memories and experiences that remain with us forever — whether they’re good or bad. So why not choose to purposely and purposefully build great ones? Our lives are impacted by memories, day in and day out. Happy memories play a part in instilling a sense of identity, purpose and overall joyfulness in our life. When we stop and slow down to commemorate a special time in our lives, that moment turns into a keepsake that we cherish forever and ever. Photos, videos or even memorabilia we keep in our “memories” box in the closet help us relive some of the best moments of our lives.

Everyone’s got their own style of commemorating the moments that mean the most to them. Celebrating is not a foreign concept. We’ve all been doing it our entire lives. Let’s take it a step further and make it part of our to-do list. Let’s be intentional and focus on what matters to us, and make it a point to make a big deal out of it. 

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