Women Celebrating Women — A Galentine’s Day to Remember

Picture this. Candles are lit and your favorite Spotify playlist is on. A bottle of crisp prosecco is chilling on ice along with a bowl of strawberries to adorn your drink with. You’re focused hard on trying to pick between the slinky, leopard dress that shows off your shoulders or the flowy red one that matches your nails. Shoulders, you go with the shoulders. 

You take a look around making sure every little detail is perfectly in place—the balloons, the chocolate, the delicate pink roses that have been strategically placed in a Mezcal bottle for a touch of badass-ness. The doorbell rings and you take a deep breath as the night you’ve been waiting for (literally the only reason you like February) is here. You open the door...and let your girlfriends in? Yes, girlfriends.

Let us guess, you thought we were setting the scene for a romantic one-on-one on Valentine’s Day huh? Here’s how we see it. This “made-up” holiday we call Galentine’s Day is just as unique and special as the one that starts with the letter “v.” Whether you’re celebrating with your girls on the 13th, your partner on the 14th or yourself the next day, spending time with the ones you LOVE is what it’s all about. 


You had us at Rumbita

When model, hostess and now friend, Muriel, reached out to us to add a special Rumbita touch to her annual Galentine’s Day celebration, we were sold. For years, she’d been making it a point to gather her closest friends on this day despite the fact that she’s boo’d up. When you’re throwing your own rumbita, you make the rules. And that’s exactly what Muriel did.  

A unique and personal touch

It all started with an official Rumbita Galentine’s Day invite and a meaningful guest list that included friends from her new hometown and cross country. Muriel kicked her celebration off with a bang as she greeted her group at the airport with a “Will you be my Valentine?” sign—is she a keeper or what? She treated her special guests to a smoking dinner cooked up by none other than her boyfriend followed by a lavish ladies only yacht ride on Miami’s open waters. 

The hostess with the mostess stood out with her handmade Sol Rainbow Rumbita crown, surprising her distinguished guests of honor with a variety of our handmade crowns for the queens that they are. 

Muriel set the mood with our specially curated Galentine’s Day Spotify playlist. Spanning hits like I Will Survive and Flawless, the list was a surefire way to get the group warmed up to a sensational night. Whether you’re the singer of the group or the token twerker, there was a song for your mood. 

Our Heart Shaped Sparklers added an extra sparkle to Muriel’s evening. Available year-round, these golden wands added a playful element to the night as she and her girlfriends took turns lighting them and posing for boomerangs. 

We know that no celebration is complete without food, but no food is complete without a stylish spread. Rumbita’s Fancy disposable bamboo plates made for an eco-friendly and Instagrammable option.


What relationships are all about

In true Rumbita fashion, the night was destined for a memorable celebration and delivered. They danced the night away, full of joy and laughter, and we can’t help but applaud this beautiful event. Regardless of Muriel and her girlfriends’ relationship status, they made sure to show love to one another. And tbh, that’s the relationship goal we strive for.


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